13th QM DET

Address:  34451 Schoolcraft Road, Livonia, MI 48150.

Location:  Located in southeast Michigan, the 13th QM Detachment trains in a reserve center located in Livonia, MI. The reserve center houses five Army units, provides an adequate training environment and is located 20 miles from the 645th RSG. There are no known local threats.


 Mission Statement
On order, the 13th Quartermaster Detachment conducts petroleum liaison activities between host nation petroleum activities, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), higher headquarters and sustainment elements IOT provide technical assistance, quality assurance and accountability of bulk fuel storage/distribution in a theater of operations to support the Joint Petroleum Office’s (JPO) bulk petroleum mission.


Our Roles

Quality assurance
Military petroleum products are usually procured under Federal or military specifications. Quality assurance is a contract administration function performed by the Government to determine if contractors have fulfilled contract requirements and specifications for petroleum products and related services. Quality assurance ends and quality surveillance begins when the quality assurance representative accepts the product. Acceptance of the product represents the transfer of ownership of the product from the contractor to the Government.
Quality surveillance
Quality surveillance includes all of the measures used to determine and maintain the quality of Government-owned petroleum products to the degree needed to ensure that the products are suitable for their intended use. The purpose of quality surveillance is to ensure that products meet quality standards after acceptance from the contractor and still meet those quality standards after the products are transferred between Government agencies or issued to users. Quality surveillance is complete when the product is consumed or transferred to another agency or service. Until the product is transferred or consumed, it is the responsibility of the owning service or agency to ensure product quality.


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