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Chain Of Command

500px-US 103rd Infantry Division svg103rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command (ESC) 500px-US 103rd Infantry Division svg

Des Moines, Iowa

Mission Statement: The 103rd Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) provides trained and ready forces in support of global contingency operations. On order, the 103rd ESC is prepared to deploy and provide command and control to all assigned, attached, and operationally controlled units and will provide sustainment planning, guidance and support to forces in the area of operations.


645asg645th Regional Support Group (RSG) 645asg

Southfield, Michigan

Mission Statement: On order, the 645th Regional Support Group will mobilize and deploy to a designated area to provide support for the group headquarters as it supports AC/RC units in meeting readiness and deployment requirements in support of ongoing operations


406csb406th Combat Service Support Battalion 406csb

Ann Arbor, Michigan

The mission of the 406th Corps Support Battalion is to Provide Combat Service Support on a

Unit and Area Basis within Corps Forward and to Designated Divisional Units.


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About Petroleum Liaison Detachment

The Petroleum and Water Department developed a Petroleum and Water Knowledge Center (PWKC) providing the institutional and operational Army a single authoritative source of information pertaining to petroleum and water concepts, equipment and operations.  Years of extended conflict has resulted in the atrophy of some critical technical skills.  The PWKC is one method to bridge the technical knowledge gap and to aid home-station sustainment training initiatives.  The PWKC is available on the Sustainment Knowledge Network (SKN).  The PWKC provides a virtual, online collaboration and knowledge sharing environment for all services, military, civilian or contractor, personnel with a valid common access card (CAC).  The PWKC provides a medium to access and share petroleum and water products, experience and expertise. It is a user-friendly, single location to locate the latest petroleum and water related materials, to include training, regulations/publications, videos, best practices/lessons learned, and all the questions, comments and discussions generated by Active Duty Army, National Guard and Army Reserve Soldiers, DoD Civilians and supporting Contractors.

The new Petroleum and Water Department’s Knowledge Center is accessible by CAC at: and currently includes:

a. Checklists for petroleum and water equipment.
b. Access to course information for courses instructed within the Petroleum and Water Department.
c. Videos depicting petroleum and water operations.
d. Useful links to other communities support the Army’s petroleum and water mission.
e. Digital enablers/interactive media instruction tools to aid home-station sustainment training.

The Quartermaster Schools welcomes all comments and feedback as we continue to refine this Knowledge Center.  Click on the “Ask the Expert” link to submit any feedback or suggestions to the Petroleum and Water Department.



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